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A new electronic eBook: The Scientist Videographer

The Scientist VideographerThis electronic guidebook is a detailed how-to for scientists, science educators, and students who wish to make their own science  videos. The book combines text, video tutorials, and other interactive content  to show how to plan, shoot, edit, and publish a professional and effective  science video. If you are interested in expanding your communication toolbox to  include video, then this book will help you accomplish your goal—and avoid  common pitfalls. By following the instructions and embedded tutorials, anyone  can quickly acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create effective and  professional science videos.

Link to book: http://goo.gl/4pVv4H
Watch the book media trailer here: http://goo.gl/jhzpPi
Download the book flyer here: http://goo.gl/UbflbN

For more information, visit The Scientist Videographer Website